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Comedy Acts for Corporate and other Comedy Events 

Comical Management are the comedy management agency for many of the UK's leading comedy acts.

Please contact us if you're looking to book or hire stand-up comedians or female comedians for your comedy corporate event or comedy club night.

We are the official agent and currently manage the following Top UK Comedy Acts:


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Or how we believe it began.....

Comedy first began in the Mesozoic era, when a pterodactyl tried to show off its flying skills but crashed into a brontosaurus. From there, it rapidly developed.  In the cretaceous period, raptors were generally accepted as the funniest of the carnivores although on occasion, the ichthyosaurus had the rest of the herd in stitches. A tremendous amount of dinosaur humour was lost when a giant meteorite smashed into the earth approximately sixty five million years ago. Most of what we have to go on nowadays was learnt from a discovery by Max Schillenhauer of a fossilized dinosaur which appears to be laughing. Although some believe it may have also been in the process of crying out for help when it was being killed by a ravenous pack of wild dogs.



As the bipeds slowly gained a foothold on the grassy plains of what was to become the African Savannah, a new, more subtle form of comedy emerged, blinking from the undergrowth. Early man used to get laughs with cave painting and also from setting light to people’s hair. As communities grew more cohesive, there was a greater desire for entertainment and the first cabaret caves began opening. At first, it was restricted to locals but soon any numbers of Neanderthal comedians were travelling vast distances to perform in these caves. Jewish comedians, female comedians, the bills were truly eclectic.



This eventually lead to the first great migrations northwards in the summer, or The Edinburgh festival as it’s now more commonly known. 



As man progressed and developed basic tools and musical instruments, the musical comedian was born. It was only a short step from this to what would eventually become the speciality act.



With the birth of Jesus and the Roman Empire, satire became the next big thing although mockery of the Republic often ended in crucifixion so new material was carefully prepared.



The Dark ages were not funny at all.



As we move rapidly towards the modern era, Kings and Emperors would often book comedians for one-off shows entertaining their acolytes at court. The corporate comic was born. Comedy speakers would be hired to perform at business events and large gatherings of like-minded individuals. In fact the peasants’ revolt of 1381 was preceded by a compere and two acts to get the crowd in the mood.



The court of King Louis 13th of France was a popular destination for the comedians of the day. Indeed in 1755, the French king commissioned the first International Comedy Festival.



In Britain, the industrial age was taking hold and workers, tired out after fifteen hour days in mills and factories were often revived by stand-up comedy tours that would trek round the country offering succour to those most in need of a few laughs.



Contrary to popular belief, Queen Victoria liked a laugh as much as the next man but found it difficult to visit the local comedy clubs as she suffered from a complaint that made her need the toilet three or four times a night and she’d often get picked on as she shuffled off to the loo.



The twentieth century was, of course a boom time for comedy. Stand-up comedy tours, corporate events, comedy festivals, the Edinburgh fringe. The whole thing became a giant behemoth that threatened to obscure comedies humble origins. But, stand-up comedy survived and thrived. As has been pointed out, people will always need a laugh, especially those living in Britain.